What about the other victim?

This may not win me any fans and I’m not looking to open a can of worms, but I want to ask anyway because its on my mind. The story of the girl in India is outrageous, absolutely despicable on every level. But in all the fallout from this attack I wonder, what happened to the man? There was a male victim as well in this assault and he seems to have become a forgotten victim. Why? Because his assault didn’t fit an agenda? He wasn’t raped? He didn’t die? I’m all for harshness and protection and all of the things being discussed for rapists, don’t get me wrong. I understand that this woman died and from what I understand he was not as badly injured at least not so as to die. But we shake our heads at all parts of the woman’s case including her being thrown naked from the bus. So was he. Was he sexually assaulted also? It doesn’t seem to have been asked – perhaps he’s too ashamed to say or maybe he wasn’t, but men can rape men too. I just wonder I guess, why is he left as a sub-story while the female is the focus? What about his assault is “less than”? Why aren’t we just as angry for both victims?


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