What do YOUR thoughts look like?


I don’t know if it is a weird ‘me’ thing, an ADHD-common thing, a ‘gifted’ thing – or just how it is. But this picture is the perfect summation of inside my head.

The small white specks show thoughts that haven’t got a home – free-floaters, if you will. They are thoughts or feelings that I’m aware exist, but am not sure why – or how they connect to anything – yet. When that becomes clear, they bundle together into one of those bigger spheres, and attach via a link to the others – the chain they belong with. Like those in the already-formed section.

I see it as a very three-dimensional way of thinking. I’m quite fond of it. I can turn the ‘model’ around, and look at other angles or perspectives. I tend to think in quite an objective way and find it easy to consider a multiple set of biases, angles or reasons for things. I understand other people more because of this, I think. Seeing ‘how they think that’ is easy, even if I completely disagree.

So, how do you think – and why do you think it is like that?


Comments Welcome

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