Best 80’s Playlist. Ever!! … (*^~+)

Background: I was born in early 1982, in Sydney Australia. These songs range from known then/growing up, to having discovered later as a teen or adult. I have always had an intense physical reaction to power ballads and I have my theories on why that might be, but ultimately it is a physical, pleasurable, heart-wrenching experience to hear a truly good power ballad. Also thanks to the influence of these kinds of songs, growing up I learnt both piano and drums at very different times. I AM my own 80’s power ballad, or I am Phil Collins… 😀 LOL The first 8 or so years of my life involved music like this a fair bit.


*According to me. 

^If you’re into power ballads. Which you should be, or you’re not quite whole 😛
~Also, piano was COOL. IS cool… perhaps written by a pianist (me) mother of a pianist (#1 son)… but no less true than if stated objectively, or I wouldn’t say it at all, of course!

+The EVENTUAL start of the actual list is HERE HERE HERE >>>>>>>>>


The BEST 80’s Playlist. Ever.  

All Songs Are linked to a YouTube version as I post – let me know if any of those links die (active as at 28 April 2015 AU time). Pull on the sweat bands, dig out the leg warmers and experience the nostalgia!

Open Arms – Journey

Piano Man – Billy Joel

Against All Odds – Phil Collins

The Flame – Cheap Trick 

Too Much Love Will Kill You – Queen (recorded in the 80’s, just released in the mid-90s)

Hard to Say I’m Sorry – Chicago

Right Here Waiting – Richard Marx

If You Don’t Know Me By Now – Simply Red

Hello – Lionel Richie



Didn’t Quite Make It:

****Honourable mention: Groovy Kind of Love – first song I learnt on the piano, courtesy of my Dad ;)****


****Honourable mention: from 1971 so it won’t count. Tiny Dancer – Elton John is beautiful.****

So, my list is pretty short and to the point. But it’s got zero fluff – these songs are 100% guaranteed all-swaying, all feeling true emotional grunty POWER! 


Feel free to add your own suggestions, favouites and power ballady goodness in comments!






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