About me, my blog and my brain!

Hello and welcome to my life! I hope you enjoy your visit – or at least get the ‘that was fun’ part you’d get after a ‘house of crazy mirrors’ visit, to go along with your confusion and tired eyes!

I write this blog as Audrey Grey, because I decided at some point long ago it was the name I would have given myself. I am otherwise known and self-proclaimed as ‘just me’. And this blog is mostly whatever happens inside little old ‘just me’.

I originally started this blog to stop boring my friends, family and my Facebook connections with the curious ponderings that occur inside my brain on a daily basis. I wasn’t very good at using it, and they have suffered (as has attention to this blog, 6 months between posts!). My New Life’s Resolution is to start directing myself here more often, and give the poor suffering crowd known as my Facebook Friends at least some modicum of choice about whether they read me or not – without having to hide me from their feed. It’s also a space I can exert my rambling essays on the world without specifically exerting them in the face of actual people who have better ways to spend their time! Use the categories and post-titles to find something worth your own, although I can’t guarantee I’ll stay on-topic the whole way through.

I don’t know if my theory section posts here have already been proven, disproven, are already common knowledge, or now only exist in the dregs of outdated and misinformed pop-sci/psych, or if they are somehow otherwise already irrelevant to the universe as a whole – but if you DO know, then I am open to all the information you wish to share with me. I like to formulate ideas and theories like most people formulate their grocery lists and the desire just to ask ‘what if?’ is incredibly appealing to me.

I have a heap of labels to define myself with covered elsewhere via this page, but I think ultimately, that I am more than the sum of my parts.

I hear ‘I didn’t think of that/it that way’ a LOT so perhaps I’ll say something that helps make sense of a topic to someone else. I think in concepts, big pictures.

As a word of warning if you haven’t already realised, I waffle (and write in British English). A lot. I refine my ideas, and consider new angles as the process goes along. I expand and apply the thoughts to other situations to see if it works. I am fiercely led by logic but I can apply emotion simultaneously, and usually do. I am rarely one or the other alone and work in gut feel and logical thought together – from what I want to eat to where I direct my life, and everything in between.

I believe a thought or premise is logical if it can be applied to a seemingly unconnected situation and work as a general rule just as well, so I do that a lot too. This kind of thinking is fun to me. I also work backwards from answer to question. I can’t show you working out until I know what the answer is.

This is my home for all things hypothetical. This is my working out.



3 thoughts on “About me, my blog and my brain!

  1. I have just now discovered the link to your blog from Stacey Turis’s website
    And blog about her book on her life with ADHD. I first saw a comment she wrote back in 07 on http://www.drhallowell.com and looked her up online, found her blog, I will order her book ASAP and then your blog.
    Ah, the very first day I start reading about my ADHD in Dr Edward Hallowell’s book, Delivered from Distraction and I have found a doctor whose book I love and two kindred souls.
    PS My last name might not have come across accurate on your blog.
    By the way, isn’t British English that you speak. Isn’t that like the Original English.
    Of course, since I am an American I can’t be caught actually admitting that.
    Anyway, I love your blog and will be reading it from now on regularly.
    A couple of points from his book that I am still thinking about that seems to fit in with what you have written here.
    He says that almost everyone with ADD or ADHD also has PTSD (well maybe) and that 20-25 percent are also bipolar.
    The problem is that from what I have read ADHD and Bipolar have extremely similar symptoms and that is one reason why it is hard to get an accurate diagnosis.
    What I love about his book is that he says that medication is only PART of a proper Treatment Plan. Makes sense to me.
    Last, I have never heard of C-PTSD but I will dig up my DSM-IV and read up on it.
    Take care!


    • C-PTSD isn’t in the DSM but it’s ‘anecdotally’ known within psychology, and really should be. Within the DSM-IV you’ll find the study mentioned, but DSM-V didn’t include it either unfortunately.


    • You know only now some years after beginning this blog, I’ve just recently had a significant loss of the by adulthood subconsciously held but very tight leash I’ve let myself out on – and by being messy already, and having some really shitty things happen over the last 5 years in particular, I’ve now reached that diagnostic mile marker, and my doctors suspect I can add PTSD, too. I’ve high anxiety (both due to ADHD and due to non-diagnosis of it, as well as needing to be hypervigilant to just survive sometimes, growing up).

      The twice exceptional presentation is astounding in its differences, and in its similarities too. My daughter was diagnosed last year, no medication needed (but a childhood formal diagnosis in my country makes adult adhd SO MUCH EASIER to get treated). This year she started on medicine after reaching peak compensation capability.

      In year 10. Identically timed to my gifted, academically tuned, walk out of school never to return (before even finishing year 10 is a pretty big fail in Oz!)…

      I’m so glad she’s going to jump that hurdle though unlike me, still floundering about looking for the trick that gets me succeeding, at 35 years of age!


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