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It’s a great starting point. There’s a good reason we’re told not to rely on this as the be all and end all of research, but it’s a fantastic place to start. Be wary of ANY emotional language, or anything that feels like it has an opinion one way or another. Chase the links and references provided on any given topic and you might be surprised at the high quality of information you come across. It’s also fairly good at the scientific stuff – although edits that include opinion or hypotheses and denial do sneak in from time to time.


Crazy Meds


Great for looking into the real info on psychoactive medications, from the most simple SSRI to the heavy-duty stuff and everything in between. It’s got a lot of detail that you won’t hear from your doctor or pharmacy. It covers the most common to the most bizarre possible risks, great for getting an idea of almost everything you can think of. A critique is that being US based, it doesn’t have a lot of medication unavailable there (some, not a lot), or the information is a bit thin. But if you can trace the generic or research your drugs, you might find that there is a similar option that is covered (like paracetamol  as it is called in AU/EU is called acetaminophen in the US. or ADHD-wise, dexamphetamine in AU/EU is dextroamphetamine in the US. Brand names can vary too – Wellbutrin in the US is the same as Zyban in Australia, though used for different things).

*side note – I saw today it’s for sale … keep that in mind if you click as I have no idea what may happen to it.




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