Reblog: The Importance of Stupidity


The Importance of Stupidity In Scientific Research

– Jane Cocks


true, this!


The Long Road East

I began my first solo long distance drive today, touching three states and spreading 1500 kilometres from go to woe. I’ve wanted to do this drive – or one like it – for quite some time now so I am glad it is finally happening. I just wish that which I was driving toward wasn’t this.

My life is open ended at the moment and I’m not sure how I feel about that. I hope I don’t float away and can find a solid point to which I can tether myself.

I don’t know hat tomorrow looks like. I’d really prefer just to close my eyes and skip this part.

I don’t know what will happen, how it will happen or what it will feel like. I don’t know my role, my position, my access.

The destination is frightful but the journey is one I am trying hard to savour.